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At 56 Pivot Group, we pride ourselves in being a leader in trade facilitation. Our goal is to ensure that physical commodities are transported from areas of abundance to where demand is highest with a focus on efficiency, reliability, and responsibility. Whether you are a producer, or a current or potential partner, we are committed to providing you with the necessary resources to get you closer to your desired markets. Through our RIS business model, which stands for Research, Inspect, and Supply, we have earned the preference of our numerous trading partners year after year. Our dedication to our clients, coupled with our industry expertise has solidified our position as the go-to choice for businesses looking for exceptional trade facilitation services.


Our company delivers comprehensive commodity sourcing research services. One of our key offerings is the meticulous inspection of various commodities to ensure that the quality and specifications requested by our trading partners are fully met. 

We understand the challenges that come with commodity trading, and our mission is to assist our partners in navigating these challenges through our reliable and rigorous inspection process. Our team of experts works diligently to verify that all goods meet the necessary regulatory standards, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your commodities are in safe hands. Our services are designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives in a highly competitive market. We are committed to providing you with exceptional services and upholding the highest standards of professionalism in all our dealings.

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Training & Consulting

At 56 Pivot, we specialize in providing custom, expert training services designed to give your team the knowledge they need to succeed in the complex and competitive world of export, import and international trade. Our comprehensive training covers all the fundamental aspects of the trade cycle. These include:

– Fundamental Knowledge needed to plan and understand the Exporting and Importing of goods and the International trade Cycle

– Documentary requirements

– Factors influencing the Costs, the Risks involved, Precautionary measures

– Understanding the Role Players

– Methods of Payment

– Overview of Containers and types of shipping equipment

– Commonly used trade terms (Incoterms® 2020)

– Export assistance programmes


As a global distributor and supplier of various commodities, we understands the challenges of producing goods far from the point of demand. Our team is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our trading partners through short and long term supply arrangements. We take pride in providing our industrial partners with a consistent and reliable supply of products necessary for the seamless daily operations of their businesses. Additionally, we prioritize identifying and addressing any short-term procurement imbalances to ensure our partners are never faced with a disrupted supply chain. Count on 56 Pivot Group for all your global distribution and supply needs.

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56 Pivot Group is dedicated to providing superior quality commodities to our partners. By implementing robust research and procedural protocols, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality. At every stage of the supply chain, we strive to add value through our extensive reach and technical expertise. Additionally, we offer financial and logistical support to guarantee seamless transportation and delivery. Our commitment to building necessary infrastructure and streamlining operations emphasize our dedication to providing valuable solutions that do not compromise product quality

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